Month of Modeling

07 Aug 2013

“At every convention I attend someone will ask me how to get better at drawing. The answer is draw every day and never be satisfied with the result.” – Gabe from Penny Arcade

I’ve been trying to become better at using Blender, and the skill I’ve found most lacking lately has been my modeling. So this month, I decided to model something every day, as quickly and with as much detail as possible. They say practice makes perfect right? I’m not holding myself to making materials and textures for everything, but I’m adding them when I have time, since it’s a bit more fun.

I had originally planned to make a post every day with a video of each model (just a quick turntable render). They’d be so short though, I decided to make one video per week, with all the models aggregated. So check out the video from the first week below.


  • Sat Amanda’s Knife from the first episode of Hendstrom
  • Sun Small Potion Bottle (modeled after one we found on vacation)
  • Mon Burger (with this one I decided to build new objects for the scene each day)
  • Tue Burger Box
  • Wed Fast Food Cup with Straw
  • Thu Table
  • Fri Sign
  • Sat Room & Window

So please keep checking back in for new videos, hopefully you can watch me start to get better at making some geometry.


One of the resources I’ve found extremely helpful in trying to learn Blender modeling is CGCookie. I’d highly recommend them, they’re even worth getting a subscription to. My favorite courses on modeling so far have been this one on hard surface modeling and this one on modeling a bird.